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Windsong Radiology Group is a physician owned and led professional corporation that was started in 1987 by Dr. Janet Sung. Our practice doesn’t answer to any outside investor groups or stake holders, just our patients, their referring physicians and their health care providers to live by our mission of putting patients first. The radiologists at Windsong Radiology Group are fellowship trained and have sub-specialties and interests by bringing the newest and best technology, protocols, medical research, Multi-Disciplinary Conferences, and continuous collaboration with your referring physicians that sets the standard for excellence in diagnostic imaging and procedures.

Janet H. Sung, M.D. David M. Wolf, M.D.
Thomas A. Summers, M.D. Cameron Saber, M.D.
Eric L. Snitzer, M.D. Patrick F. Lahr, M.D.
Anthony M. Foti, M.D. Cynthia Fan, M.D., PhD
David Stout, M.D. Markus K. Holzhauer, M.D.
Stuart J. Rubin, M.D. Igor Mikityansky, M.D.
Anna M. Chen, D.O. Irene Mogil, D.O.
Raja S. Cheruvu, M.D. Eve Li, M.D
J. Dana Dunleavy, M.D. Erin Morgan, PA
Scott Rudzinski, M.D.