DEXA (Bone Densitometry)

With treatments available that can actually reverse the effects of osteoporosis, Windsong Radiology Group utilizes the latest technology to recognize the disease in its earliest stages of those living in Buffalo and Western New York.

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is a simple, non-invasive study which measures bone mineral density. Our DEXA scanner measures the bone density in the lumbar spine and both hips. Conversely, most centers measure only one hip! We offer very fast imaging times, usually less than one minute per scan. Whole body imaging with fat composition and total bone density is available with imaging times of approximately seven (7) minutes.

How many WNY patients are at risk for Osteoporosis, hip fractures and other debilitating disorders that go along with this silent killer? How can Windsong Radiology Group work together with the community to scan them? DEXA is the most accurate and advanced technique available. By measuring the spine and both femurs, we are better able to truly diagnose the disease when compared to other units that measure just heels or wrists.

Our efforts to increase access have included the installation of DEXA equipment at all four of our sites, as well as a second unit at the 55 Spindrift Drive location. The equipment has a new weight limit of 450lbs, which very few facilities can offer. Immediate appointments are available at both our Lancaster and Amherst facilities.

Are you at risk? Want more information? Take a moment to complete our Osteoporosis Self Test. If you would like more information, please call (716) 631-2500.

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