Digital Mammography


Windsong Radiology Group was one of the first imaging centers in the nation to offer full-field digital mammography and 3D Mammography. Digital mammography has offered many advantages to the patient, the radiologist, and the referring physician. From the perspective of the patient, the major advantage of digital mammography is speed. This is especially true of diagnostic studies, allowing quick review of the images by the radiologist and rapid determination regarding additional images or studies needed. In addition, both screening and diagnostic patients benefit since there is no wait while films are processed and reviewed. Images are available to the technologist and radiologist within seconds.

Digital Mammography

Digital mammography, like other digital modalities, allows for digital storage and transmission of images, thus eliminating lost studies and eventually eliminating the need for a film library. Images can be sent electronically to several treating physicians or given to the patient without a loss of quality. This is an important improvement in patient management, particularly for the patient with a new diagnosis of breast cancer. In addition, there is virtually complete elimination of film artifacts. The variability of the film processor is also eliminated as a source of error. Windsong also provides referring physicians the ability to view your mammogram on their office computer via the internet. Additionally, digital mammography also has the advantage of a reduced radiation dose for your study.

Same Day Results

Windsong was the first facility in Buffalo and WNY to provide same-day mammogram results. Each patient has the option to see one of our Board-Certified Radiologists after their exam, and receive their results. Not only does each mammogram get read by one of our experienced radiologists, it is also sent through our Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system. CAD allows our Radiologists to be more effective in their interpretation. This is all a part of our commitment to excellence and state-of-the-art technology, for the benefit of our patients and referring physicians. Our highly skilled, motivated, and caring team of mammography technologists are licensed by NYS and are registered and certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology. In addition, they are committed to continuing education each year, and are held to the highest standards with additional FDA certification in compliance with the Federal Mammography Quality Standards Act.

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