Kyphoplasty/Spinal Compression Fractures


low back painApproximately 700,000 osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures occur each year in the United States, yet only 1/3 are diagnosed.  These fractures occur when one of the bones of the spinal column weaken and collapses.  These fractures tend to be painful, and when left untreated, can impact overall well being and health of the individual.


A physical exam along with an X-ray can help determine if a spinal fracture has occurred.  An MRI or bone scan can show if this procedure is right for you.  The sooner you are diagnosed and treated for a vertebral fracture the better, so contact your doctor if you are concerned about a fracture.

3stepsMinimally Invasive

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive in office procedure that typically takes less than an hour.  It is performed comfortably under moderate sedation allowing the patient to be discharged following a short observation.  This less invasive procedure requires no hospitalization, incision or sutures compared to spinal fusion. Patients rapidly return to everyday activities such as walking, bending and lifting with significantly less pain.

When To Consider

  • Back pain leading to limitations in daily activities
  • Fractures related to osteoporosis or cancer
  • Recent onset of pain and diagnosis of a compression fracture.

Dr. Dunleavy will conduct an initial consult that includes your medical history, a physical exam review of your xrays.  Based on the consult, the most effective treatment options will be discussed. Other treatment options include bedrest, back brace, long term pain medication or surgery.

Benefits of Balloon Kyphoplasty

  • Reduction in back pain
  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Improvement in mobility
  • Improved ability to perform daily activities
  • Regain independence
  • Prevent longterm bedrest
  • Shorter recovery period than surgery
  • Less risk of complications than other treatment options
  • Decreased mortality
  • Eliminate risk of surgical complications

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